CYBERUK21 Videos

If you're like me, and just didn't have enough time to get to the NCSC's CYBERUK ONLINE event while it ran live this year (you know what us #cybergeeks are like: always too busy!), then great news: it's still available on YouTube.

#CYBERUK21 Online Video Highlights

Yes, #CYBERUK21 is originally geared toward cyber techies and those in leadership positions, but, from previous years' experience, this is a very good event for those at any level to check out.

Understanding Future Technology: How do you solve a problem like cyber security for consumer devices

You can pick and choose from any of the presentations, but one which I would say is definitely significant right now to those of any profession is around understanding more about 'Secure by Design'. These are words you'll hear out of most any cyber security professional's mouth and which are great to understand when planning future technical advances for your company.

One of my key points that I always make is reinforced in this presentation, from Peter Stephens, DCMS. He re-states what we often hear from a smaller company or a solitary consumer, "We haven't got anything that a hacker would wish to get hold of, get access to." He then goes on to explain that users everywhere need to understand that it's not just their own data that a hacker wishes to get access to.

It's the wider threat of an attacker taking control of your device(s) and being able to use that control other devices or even other sites that we need to understand. Therefore, this is really a case of not just your own data protection, but of us all being in this together to protect each other from attacks.

Panel Discussion: Protecting the NHS from Ransomware During Covid-19

For anyone who works in or with the NHS or handles any medical data, there is a presentation geared specifically around understanding the increased threat to health from ransomware. (#WannaCry, anyone?)

Building Resilience: Ransomware, the risk to schools and ways to prevent it

Even if you are not employed in the education sector, many of us have children (or grandchildren or nieces/nephews, etc.) who are currently in school. With recent increase in ransomware attacks on this sector, what does that mean for our kids' school data? There is some good insight around backing up school data and how ransomware incidents can be managed within the schools and trusts.

For all of the other videos that are saved within the YouTube site, just go explore! See what you find interesting and feel free to write a comment back to let everyone know what you think is most significant.

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