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With over 20 years' experience in the field, our team provides professional cyber security and data protection consulting services to clients across the UK and beyond. From giving guidance around risk management; systems' security architecture; information assurance; and personal data governance, our team works with you to ensure that your software technology, information systems and data are appropriately managed. Our focus is always on enabling you, as our client, to best safely deliver your business objectives. We'll work with you to create a customised plan of action for your organisation. Get in touch to learn more.


Our Services

Risk management padlock

Risk management

Take a risk-based approach to securing your data and systems.

Architecture and configuration cloud computing

Architecture and configuration

Design, build, maintain and manage systems securely.

Data security and privacy locked server tower

Data security and privacy

Protect data where it is vulnerable and adhere to personal data management regulations.

IAM fingerprint scan

Identity and access management

Put in better controls around who and what can access your systems and data.

Engagement and training user image

Engagement and training

Collaboratively build security that works for people in your organisation.

Incident management alert

Incident management

Plan your response to cyber incidents in advance.



Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, information security risks and cyber security in general.

My business is small in size, so doesn't that mean I don't need to worry about cyber threats?

It is nationally recognised that there is unfortunately a rising threat on small and micro businesses by cyber criminals. The Deputy Director for Economy and Society of GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Sarah Lyons said: "Small businesses are the lifeblood of this country, but we know they can be a target for cyber criminals, particularly as they move more operations online."

Therefore, regardless of your company size, my consultancy is happy to work with you to protect your business from being a primary target.

What is this talk of "risk-based approach"?

Reviewing your company's approach to risk management is the first place to start for any business to be able to ensure appropriate protection from the majority of the cyber threats. We can work with you on your current approach to ensure that your company has a balanced "risk appetite" and are maintaining a sufficiently secure system network and building onto it with each technological development implemented.

I read somewhere that the human risk factor is the biggest one. We're all human and can just make mistakes, so how can we lower this risk?

It is indeed fact that the human risk factor remains your greatest point of vulnerability when it comes to cyber security, with human error accounting for 90% of all security breach incidents. The best way to fix this situation is to create behavioural change and a culture of security across your organisation. We at Cybite Ltd can work with your business to encourage your users to reduce their high-risk behaviours, so that security awareness becomes second nature. The right levels of training and consistent user engagement are ones on we can work with your company in order to achieve this new user mindset. This can help your users to become a key part of your cyber defence strategy, rather than a risk factor.

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